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"I utilized the PPC Summit strategies and increased my sales goal 7x over. My company's PPC revenue has increased by $1 million after applying these best practices."
Michael Florez, Media Director, Ardis Marketing Group.

"I had an unforgettable experience at the conference. I found each session to contain valuable, action strategies which I am implementing immediately. I'm certain that I'll see a significant boost in my campaigns performance because of the advice. Each presenter brought years of experience to the table and provided strategies that you can't get anywhere else. The conference manuals are extremely helpful because I could focus entirely on the session and also they are great for future reference. I found the conference to be worth every penny and I look forward to attending future events. Thanks again for putting together such a valuable resource."
Brandon Schmitz, Herzing College.

"PPC Summit was extremely helpful for both beginners and professionals alike. Not only was PPC covered, but all aspects that go into optimizing an Internet marketing campaign was covered in full detail. I came back to with 18 project ideas to get started on right away."

"Well organized. Knowledgeable presenters. Up-to-date info geared to making a bottom-line difference to my business." D. Sanford

"Small classes. Very one-on-one atmosphere. No sales pitch which was wonderful. Great take away knowledge in handbooks. Geared towards PPC over SEO (detailed not just an overview). Great networking. Good small overview of SEO and other online marketing tools." Stacy Binder

"The PPC Summit in LA was great. The sessions were incredibly beneficial to PPC beginners all the way to expert level. The PowerPoint slides were easy to follow along and nice to take home. There was ample time to ask questions and talk to the presenters. Overall I feel it was a very successful event." Amber Benedict PPC HERO

"We'd been doing adwords for the past year for our 3 school locations. We never received any conversions. We are now receiving 2 - 5 PPC leads per location every day (at a whopping 5 - 10% conversion rate), when we were receiving none before. Thanks!"
Jonathan Praklis, Marketing Manager, New Horizons

"This was my first experience attending an event aimed specifically at PPC, as opposed to broader SEM events or narrower engine-specific ones.  I thought it was excellent."
Kathleen Makoski, Prime Time Solutions

"The manuals were excellent quality, the best I've received from an event of this type. The inclusion of the presenter's notes is a tremendous help."
Kathleen Makoski, Prime Time Solutions

"Very helpful in helping us detail our PPC strategy."
Colin O'Brien, E. R. Munro and Company

"Good information packaged nicely with informative sessions."
Craig Taylor, Traffic Mountain

"It presented a wealth of info on marketing strategies for anyone working in an agency or managing marketing for business. It's only going to become more important as time goes by!"
Carri Gregorski, Eric Mower and Associates

"Abundant information, manuals that outlined seminars we could not attend."
Nicholas Niggel, The Village Gardens LLC

"Because of the small breakout sessions it was more easy to grasp what was being taught."
Colin O'Brien, E. R. Munro and Company

"Because of the intimate setting I was able to take in a lot and have all my questions answered right away!"
Dani Shalmone, NETexponent LLC

"No selling and heavy presence of vendors. Love that the purpose of this conference is to teach and share."
Adrienne Zulueta, Clear Ink

"The most informative conference I have been to! This conference addresses the needs of the beginner on up to the expert."
Tawnya Tabert, Regis University College for Professional Studies (CPS)

"Opportunity for in depth discussion of ideas, strategies and problems. Experienced presenters willing to share knowledge and information. Content of manuals (which will keep me busy for weeks, if not months!)"
D. Marie Delci, Elixir Systems

"The first big thing I learned was how much there was to learn. It put things in perspective. Secondly, I found the people in this industry interesting and quite sharp and willing to communicate. Third, I learned a lot of basic very useful stuff that I could put into effect."
Al Moses, Quality Carpet Cleaning

"One item alone will probably save me thousands of dollars this year. I was particularly impressed with the caliber of speakers in attendance. There was a lot of meat in the sessions, not just teaser data."
Al Moses, Quality Carpet Cleaning

"I left the PPC Summit feeling excited about Paid Search. I was confident that I had a good grounding in the essentials and eagerly anticipated the ability to test all the wonderful suggestions and insights provided by the presenters and panelists -- including the resources to determine how, what, and how long to test."
D. Marie Delci, Elixir Systems

"This summit far exceeded my expectations! Though I am more on the beginner side of PPC marketing, I found each session easy to understand and overflowing with proven ideas on how to improve PPC campaigns. The best part is that each session had something for the beginner, the expert and everyone in between. Excellent speakers, excellent staff, excellent Summit!"
Tawnya Tabert, Regis University College for Professional Studies (CPS)

"It is a terrific way to stay abreast of the latest cutting edge PPC strategies, tactics and techniques."
Inventors Workshop

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