Write Content that Converts Visitors to Customers

When prospects come to your landing page, to get them to take the action you want them to take (ie, heed your call to action), follow these tips when writing content.

Make Sure Your Headline is Benefits-Oriented

By telling prospects up front what’s in it for them, you draw them in, making them want to read further.

Go In-Depth with Your Content

Now that you have a prospect interested with your headline, continue to explain in the next few paragraphs how your product/service can benefit them.

Content Writing Tip: At this point, many make the mistake of trying to cram too much information or too many offerings onto the page. So in the succeeding paragraphs right after the initial headline, select one or two benefits that you can expand upon in this follow-up copy.

Format Copy So That It’s Easy to Read

Of course, people read differently on the web than they do offline. Online, prospects tend to scan copy, not read it word for word. So make sure the copy is easy to read by using bullet points, leaving lots of white space, using bold headings, etc.

Often Overlooked Landing Page Optimization Tip

It’s amazing how many otherwise great landing pages forget this one simple optimization tip. Don’t leave prospects hanging. Tell them exactly what you want them to do by making your call to action simple and direct. Confused prospects don’t take action; they just leave.

Organizing copy is extremely important in helping to ensure that your landing page converts. These tips help you do just that.

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Good summary of basic but often overlooked tips, thanks. The last ti is very valueable, many of my clients have no, misleading or not effective calls to action.


Accurate calls to action are critical – if you’re not telling your visitors what action you want them to take, you’re completing undermining the effectiveness of your page.

Thanks for sharing!

Great tips and I totally agree with making it readable and I’ve read that using an arial 12 point font can help much in increasing readability. I think that’s from Ana Hoffman :)

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