Landing Page Optimization: Is Your Page Relevant to What’s Going On Today?

Many times, landing pages tend to get stuck in a time warp. They’re created and like an abandoned to-do list, only visited sporadically when the urge hits. You could be leaving prospects on the table or worse yet, turning them off, if your landing page is not relevant.

For example, right now, many economies worldwide are shaky; these are not exactly boom times. Does your landing page reflect that? Or, was it created during more robust economic times, and the language reflects that.

Landing Page Optimization Tip: Use What’s Current to Connect with Your Customers

A simple way to ensure that your landing page connects with customers is to state the obvious. For example, let’s say your company puts on webinars for traveling salesmen.

A simple question on your site could be, “Are these trying economic times hurting your bottom line?”

Right up front you’ve let the customer know that you realize things are difficult and your company is doing everything it can to help them cut costs and increase profits. Then, you could go on to tout the benefits of having webinars, as opposed to live events, eg:

Saves on travel expenses;

Can log on at your convenience;

Can be done from anywhere;


Landing Page Optimization Advice: Stay Current to Stay Ahead

Landing pages are not static entities. They are a fluid part of your content marketing efforts and should be revisited, revised and updated to reflect what’s going on with your target market – today.

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Good post, thanks for it. I am always trying to think about my potential customer’s pain and highlight it in my landing page or ad and then on the same page or ad I am trying to offer a solution for their pain.

It is always key to make sure your landing pages are customer-centric. A landing page cannot be “set it and forget it,” but rather should be continuously updated and tested to maximize efficiency.

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