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Why Pay Per Click (PPC) Summits?

For the last 3+ years we have been teaching one day classes around the USA and internationally about pay per click marketing sponsored by Yahoo!

Attendees at these sessions run the gamut from brand new marketers who haven't yet set up a Yahoo! Search Marketing, Google or MSN account, to folks who have been working with pay per click for years. Some tell us they have been working with pay per click since there was only one pay per click search engine - good old

Many of the folks who consider themselves qualified users come to the workshops with the slight hope that they will learn something new, assuming that because of their longevity with the product they are advanced advertisers. They often leave shocked at the little things they were not aware of that have been costing them money all these years.

Participants come from companies of all sizes - from small mom and pop operations, large retailers, major brand advertisers, agencies and SEM's - all united in their desire to learn more about pay per click.

We have been thrilled with the positive feedback we have received about these workshops and the level of interaction and participation of the attendees has been incredible.

Now it is time to take it to the next level !

Based on input from the thousands of advertisers who have attended the Yahoo classes, and recognizing the growing thirst for more information about pay per click we have put together these Summits to foster knowledge sharing about this often complicated subject.

We are inviting those who truly want to learn pay per click the right way. Not because they believe it will help to promote their latest get rich quick scheme, but because they recognize the value in always staying one step ahead of their competitors to achieve their marketing goals.

We are providing many sessions around the country and overseas to make it convenient to leave the office for a couple of days to immerse yourself in pay per click knowledge. We will keep these events small, so that you have an opportunity to truly interact with presenters, build peer relationships and get ALL of your questions answered.

We want these Summits to be arenas for discussion, for sharing best practices, networking with peers and solution providers, and above all sources of knowledge. This is not information at the "fifty thousand foot level" or discourse on "the big picture". You will receive practical tips, tactics and strategies which you can take back to the office and use to optimize your pay per click campaigns.

We have brought together facilitators and trainers that have years of experience working with pay per click. Some have worked as senior executives at search engines; all have run hundreds of pay per click campaigns.

They have years of experience managing pay per click for clients and are willing to share case studies, best practices, client tactics, testing results and strategies for successful campaign management. They are doing this because they recognize that what you don't know about pay per click could be costing you money.

At the end of the two days you will take away two comprehensive manuals that will enable you to address any area of pay per click campaign management. These manuals will serve as resource tools for years to come - or at least as until the search engines change their systems again.

If, after reading the agenda, you feel there are topics we have not covered in enough depth, or there are sessions you would like to see added, please feel free to drop us a note at Your questions and feedback are always welcome and we use your input to continue to expand the content and provide a valuable product.

We look forward to seeing you at the Summits and answering your questions about pay per click.

Cheers, Mary


ATTENDEE REGISTRATION - Please see the Registration page for details or email

Please Note:

  • Sponsorship is not a guarantee of training or presenting opportunity
  • Any form of self or company promotion will not be allowed
  • Speakers must be able to demonstrate several years of presenting and/or training experience directly related to internet or search engine marketing
  • Preference will be given to those speakers who are able to share detailed client case studies
  • All speaker presentations become the property of PPC Summit and may not be used elsewhere without specific written permission
  • Complete presentations (including notes) will be due 45 days in advance of the event. This is a hard deadline. Failure to submit the presentation at the appropriate time will eliminate your opportunity to speak. No exceptions.

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES - See the Sponsorship page or call (360) 554-9683 ext. 705 or email

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